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Frequently Asked Questions

What is River Crest Hospital like?
River Crest Hospital probably is not like your preconceived notion of how a psychiatric hospital looks or feels. The quiet, peaceful setting provides a therapeutic environment that’s very conducive to recovery.

What happens when I get there?
You will have an initial mental health evaluation with a member of our staff to see if hospitalization is indicated. We gladly answer all your questions. If you are admitted, we recommend you authorize release of information to the therapist or doctor who may have referred you.

How long will I stay?
The length of your stay is determined by your needs, so the answer can range from a few days to a few weeks. Your custom mental health treatment plan focuses on what can be accomplished in the shortest period of time.

What about my job?
Your time spent in the hospital most likely will be treated no differently than if you had been hospitalized for a medical or surgical condition. If you have an employee assistance counselor, we suggest you discuss your treatment with them.

Can my family visit?
Families and loved ones provide much needed support and comfort, so it is important for them to participate in active treatment. Although designated times are set for visiting hours, we always try to work with families to accommodate scheduling needs.

What can I bring?

Your treatment at River Crest Hospital is a special investment you make in yourself and your future. To help you benefit the most from your treatment, you will be asked to follow certain rules and guidelines of personal behavior. To promote your safety, certain items are not permitted in units, while other items are allowed but must be checked out from the nurses’ station and returned after use.


You will be given a plastic basket to store your personal hygiene items. You may keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, comb, non-alcohol deodorant/antiperspirant, non-aerosol hairspray, non-alcohol gel, soap in a plastic soap box, non-alcohol shampoo, non-alcohol conditioner, and makeup in plastic containers.

The basket will have your name on it and will be stored at the nurses’ station; please ask to check out your basket when needed. Hair dryers and curling irons may be checked out if you are not on precautions; if you are under precautions, dryers and curling irons can only be used when you are under direct staff supervision


No metal objects:
• Disposable razors/razor blades
• Car keys
• Metal soda cans or snuff lids
• Knives or weapons of any kind
• Coat hangers
• Paper clips, thumb tacks, push pins
• Metal combs or picks, hair pins, hair clips
• Scissors
• Nail clippers, nail kits, metal files
• Craft kits, crochet or latch hooks, needles

No glass items of any kind:
• Mirrors, including mirror compacts
• Bottles or containers, including makeup items,
cologne, perfumes
No straps, cords, ties, strings:
• Purses, bags, luggage
• Belts, shoelaces, drawstrings
No products containing alcohol:
• Hairspray
• Mouthwash
• Facial cleansers, astringents, Clearasil®
• Lotions and moisturizers
• Gels, mousse

No electrical devices:
• Cellular phones
• Video games
• Pagers

No matches or lighters
No talcum or body powder on children/adolescent unit
No revealing or seductive clothing
No hats or caps indoors on children/adolescent unit
No aerosol cans
No hair dyes or permanent solutions
No nail polish and nail polish remover
No outside food, beverages, candy, gum, soft drinks
No personal medications brought from home, unless authorized by a physician
No item that, at the discretion of the staff, may be capable of inflicting harm or used as a weapon


River Crest Hospital is not responsible for any money or valuables you choose to keep on the unit during your stay. We provide a safe in our business office in which you may deposit cash or valuables. A staff member will enter on the front of an envelope a written inventory of all items you wish to deposit, including credit cards with account numbers and checks with check numbers. You will sign the envelope to verify the list on the front of the envelope is a full and accurate list of the items inside. The staff member then seals the envelope and deposits it in the safe. If you elect not to deposit valuables in our safe, you will be solely responsible for any loss of cash or valuables while in the hospital, and you will be required to sign a release acknowledging you chose to retain cash or valuables on the unit while you were a patient at River Crest.

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